Recommended Reading
A Time of Reckoning for Your Bank's Core Deposits? < Jeff for Banks
APRIL 2, 2018
Great post today by Jeff Marsico: ...a business model based on the sleepiness of your depositors is unsustainable...Are you feeling the pressure yet? via Jeff for Banks | Monday, April 2, 2018 Check it out here: [Continue reading]
How Golf and Game Theory Apply to Capital Rules < Am Bkr
DECEMBER 23, 2015
...the inaccuracy of the leverage ratio &en-dash; and the resulting misallocation of capital &en-dash; has worsened dramatically in recent years... How Golf and Game Theory Apply to Capital Rules | American Banker 12/23/2015 [Continue reading]
Specter of Interest Rate Risk Haunts Regulators and Banks < Am Bkr
NOVEMBER 10, 2015
"Regulators have been increasingly concerned that seven year and counting of near-zero interest rates has laid the groundwork for interest rate risk in the banking sector whenever rates begin to normalize. But where those effects might be seen and how... [Continue reading]
High resolution is not the same as accurate < Seth Godin
JUNE 9, 2015
Too much resolution stops giving you information and becomes merely noise, which actually gets in the way of the accuracy you seek. Seth's Blog | June 8, 2015 This reminds of another excellent post made recently by Jeff Marsico on... [Continue reading]