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It seems paying nothing is acceptable after all
MARCH 7, 2018
I've been waiting to write this post since last summer. Back then I had just completed a post entitled "This just in.."(1) which showed that, so far as core deposit pricing goes, banks were taking things slow. After June I... [Continue reading]
Community Bank core deposit levels drop
SEPTEMBER 25, 2017
It seems sensationalism is the norm for every news organization these days and the American Banker is no exception. This morning’s headline, “Bankers on high alert for liquidity risk as 3Q draws to close,” really caught my eye so I... [Continue reading]
This just in...
JUNE 5, 2017
...when it comes to core deposit rates, banks are doing what they have always done when rates start rising. They move slowly. Since the last days of 2015 the Fed has tightened three times. For the seven years prior to... [Continue reading]
When Rates Rise <-
The Financial Times posted a great piece covering the impact rising rates: The most powerful central bank in the world is considering whether to raise its record-low interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. Even before the... [Continue reading]